Seller 3: The Importance of Video Marketing

Since the 2020 quarantine, video marketing has come to take on a fundamentally larger role in how New York City homes are sold. Pre-pandemic, video marketing was reserved almost exclusively for luxury properties. When the pandemic hit and real estate agents were no longer allowed to show in person, we saw a flood of impromptu video marketing efforts. While these efforts were laudable in the context of Spring 2020, they tended to be amateur, low-quality. Think agents walking around with an iphone, or setting still photography to animated slides. Unfortunately, these strategies have remained prevalent post-2020, and add nothing to the agent’s overall marketing efforts. In fact, this poorly done video marketing can detract from the overall product, making the homes look smaller and darker than they actually are.

Video Marketing for $700k Chelsea 1 bed

The new role of video marketing should be to allow the buyer to see themselves living in the home in a way that just isn’t possible through photography and floorplans. With professional, high-quality video marketing, we can show the detail and character of the home, the subtle ways the light plays off the hardwood floor, walls, and furniture, the quality of the renovation and finishes, and the overall scope of the space. We can share with the buyer not just what the home looks like, but what it feels like to actually be there.

Video Marketing for $2.45m Upper West Side coop

A buyer watching a video is a captive audience, just like a buyer who’s requested an appointment to view. Except, rather than the 20 or so viewings we get before accepting an offer, we can put our video in front of thousands of buyers, through professional, targeted advertising. Not only will buyers see our video on sites like StreetEasy and Zillow, they’ll see it as they browse social media platforms and use search engines. Better yet, the more a viewing meets the online behavioral profile of someone who would be interested in your home, the more likely they are to run across our video!

Video Marketing for $450k Sunset Park one bed!

Photos and floorplans, even those of high quality, can show only what a home looks like. The job of video is to show what a home feels like. High-quality video marketing should get across the vibe of your home. Buyers do their best to get a sense of vibe through online listings, and are looking for a vibe that matches their own. If a good marketing video gives them a sense of the vibe in a home, building, and neighborhood, they’re more likely to request a showing, and more likely to make an offer. In the current market, every home, regardless of price point, should have a professionally produced listing video that is professionally marketed across multiple online platforms.